Kickstart Your Kids by Rebecca Keliher

  • Discovering unique talents and gifts as she watched her five children grow, Rebecca shares how she developed these areas in her children and taught them how to be entrepreneurs. Learn how a seven year old made $200 in a weekend, how a 14 year old made a wedding cake worth a thousand, and how to be a kickstarter mom.

Homeschooling Will Save Your Kids: Hope shifting & How It Will Kill Your Homeschool by Andy & Kendra Fletcher

  • Money. Sex. Popularity. Cars. Perfect bodies. Homeschooling. Wait. Homeschooling? When we look to something like money or sex to provide us with a sense of worth or value, if we’re hoping that our popularity will make us feel more loved, if we’re striving for sex appeal, and yes, even if we’re placing our hope in homeschooling, we have created idols for ourselves that enslave us and keep us from walking in freedom.

The Key to Education is Relationship by Diana Waring

  • Experts in learning tell us that one of the BEST predictors of educational success is having a positive relationship between student and teacher. Translated for homeschooling parents:  if we build healthy, happy relationships with our children, they will be able to thrive educationally. It goes far beyond desks and multiplication tables, however. For us, it encompasses every aspect of life—since our students are learning with us 24/7!  Often we teach, react and parent out of fear which produces feelings of failure and guilt. These negative feelings can impact and even damage those relationships, which in turn affects our children's learning.

17 Years of Homeschooling and I Hardly Twitch at All Anymore by Carol Barnier

  • Homeschooling is a unique experience. There are as many ways to homeschool as there are homeschooling families. Yet there are many things we share…like the standard questions strangers ask our kid when they learn we homeschool. So what are some of the best, most practical ways to walk through this unique journey? Come listen and laugh as Carol shares some of what she’s learned through the many ups and downs in her years as a homeschooling mom.

Just Say No: Overcoming Interruptions and Distractions by Mary Jo Tate

  • You’re deep in conversation with your eighth-grader when the phone rings. You’re working for a business client when your fifth-grader suddenly has an urgent math question. How do you decide what gets your attention at any one time? In this workshop, you’ll learn practical strategies for preventing interruptions and handling unavoidable interruptions wisely and receive encouragement to rest in God’s providence.

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