Start Here!

Welcome to Start Strong! We are so glad you have decided to take this course. We know that by the time you finish this course, you will be equipped and encouraged to confidently homeschool your children.

What should you do before you start a new project or cook a new meal? That's right. Read through the instructions and note any supplies or ingredients you may need, how long you should plan for it to take, and anything else you should be aware of. This course is no different.

Before you get started:

  • Pick a time each day that works for you to complete that day's lesson. The 14 lessons will release one day at a time. If you miss the lesson one day, don't worry. It will be there for you the next day. You have lifetime access!
  • Scroll down to see what bonus content is available in addition to the 14 days of lessons. There is a Bonus Special Learners Day, Masterclasses, a huge resource list, and much more.
  • View and/or print the workbook. In addition to a Table of Contents that will give you an overview of the course, the workbook contains questions and note-taking space for every day of the course to help you organize and think deeply about what you are learning.
  • Pray! Ask God to bless this time you are investing in becoming the best parent and teacher you can be.

This course is a labor of love for you. We pray that God will bless your effort to grow in knowledge and wisdom in teaching your children. You are in for an exciting adventure! Let's dive in!